Digital Thermostat for Carbon Heating Film/ Warm Floor GM4

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  • Model: GM4
  • Description: 7-day programmable with 4 separate time/temperature periods per day. Timer may be set for 4 different sets per day
  • Build in GFCI function
  • Floor sensor included
  • Optional type of control for different heating application including room thermostat, floor thermostat or room thermostat with floor limitation
  • Display temperature in F/C
  • Dual Voltage: 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output relay: 15A. Maximum Load: 15A
  • Max. Output: 3.5Kw (@ 220V power supply), 1.75Kw (@ 120V power supply)
  • Room temperature limit: 41F/5C - 95F/35C
  • Floor temperature limit: 41F/5C - 104F/40C
  • Ambient temperature-operation: 32F/0C - 122F/55C
  • Ambient temperature-transport: 14F/10C - 140F/60C
  • Accuracy: +- 1F/0.5C
  • Dimensions: 120(L) X 75(W) X 54.2 (H) (mm)

    Download Manual:

  • GM4 Thermostat manual

    Installation Type : Wall mount

    Display Type : Full LCD display

    Extra Features : External sensor, error alert function, auto shut-off, timer may be set for 4 different sets per day.

    The GM4 digital thermostat offers the high functionality in a smaller package.

    An external sensor is available for smaller functions, but it is not recommended with this sophisticated thermostat. 4 different settings can be set per day for to give you the optimum temperature settings for your room.