Carbon Heating Film

Carbon Heating Film

Heating film is the cutting edge film infrared heaters having enhanced fire resistance, moisture-and heat-resistant coating, which emits far-infrared spectrum. It is made from a special polymer, which has a high electrical characteristics and used a conductive materials such as silver and copper.

Other than the general heater you can feel warm like sun shine by the radiation of far infrared ray by the carbon heating element spread all the films. And the film heater can be used for almost semi-permanent thanks to outer PET material special material and the treatment by special waterproof not to contact with air and the advanced heater heating for the wall, the ceiling and the floor.

Capability for heating film is determined by dispersion technology of Nano-particle by viscosity and resistance by Carbon and Silver particles.

Heating film which is spread by the carbon, the high resisting element on the PET film and generates the heat by the carbon is made by the precise printing technology that can have the feature of less than 1 micron on process. It is the high tech heating film which is made of the carbon booth bar treated by the heat under more than 302°F(150 °C) and can be used for semi permanent unless cut by scissors.

Electric underfloor heating film kits offer you luxuriously floor heating all year round. Designed for under wood floor heating and under laminate heating this underfloor heating is easy to lay and once installed provides a low cost of underfloor heating. Heat film underfloor heating is the only system suitable for use as a primary heat source under wood and laminate floors even when used for conservatory underfloor heating, so there is no need for radiators which take useable space. At 14W/sq ft (150w/m2) heat film is a powerful underfloor heating system but because it spreads it's heat up through the floor so evenly and gently it is again the only system suitable for use as a primary heat source directly under wood floor, laminate, carpet and tile.

Heating Film Structure

Heating Film designed for considering its safety

  • Carefully selected materials and high-tech facilities Materials used for Taeil Film are carefully selected products and manufacturing machine facilities are made by best technicians. Taeil Film is a surface heating element made by advanced printing technology which is process below 1 micron that has the characteristic of releasing heat by high-resistant Carbon which is applied to PET Film. It is composed of Carbon-based thin film that went heat treatment in 160-200°C
  • Exterior is PET material and a special material mixed with nano technology. It is put together by a special laminating machine so it would not have any contact with air, making its use semi-permanent with excellent water proof efficiency.
  • Digital control system is used for accurate mix process. (Removal of impurities)
  • Use of high capacity (300 kW) heater allows high temperature drying. No film impedance or transformation due to air blast method of capillary tube.
  • Laser bottom up method is used for the first time domestically making thickness and nominal resistance of carbon when printed accurate.
  • Selection of various thicknesses and widths Adequate selection possible for usage since Rexva produces various kinds of films.

Heating film installation sample:


Specification and standard of heating film